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Introducing TAGTEKA – Your Ultimate Property Management Partner. Experience seamless property management with our innovative software, integrating RFID and wireless sensor technology. With TAGTEKA, you can effortlessly view, edit, and track all your building assets, thanks to our cutting-edge RFID scanning technology. No more missing valve charts or mechanical blueprints. Our cloud-based system ensures that all your building data is securely uploaded and easily accessible, enabling efficient sharing with technicians working on your property. Say goodbye to the risk of serious damage and protect your valuable assets. Need to find past records or create an organized system? TAGTEKA’s file explorer is designed specifically for property managers like you. Easily locate last year’s schedules, service records, and payment details, allowing you to operate with utmost efficiency. Step into the future of property management with TAGTEKA. Speak to our professional sales representatives and book a demo today.


From the comfort of your mobile phone access real time data to Pressure, Experience the power of TAGTEKA, the ultimate property management software that seamlessly integrates RFID and wireless sensor technology. With TAGTEKA, you can effortlessly streamline your operations and enhance efficiency. Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks and welcome faster service times with our intuitive scan-and-request feature. Maximize your savings by utilizing insightful data from various buildings under your portfolio to lower costs across all your properties. Say goodbye to missing valve charts and mechanical blueprints, as TAGTEKA securely uploads all your building data into the cloud for easy access and sharing. Create an organized system with our file explorer made exclusively for property managers, ensuring smooth operations. Step into the future of property management with TAGTEKA – book a demo today to unlock the possibilities!, Velocity and much more


Introducing TAGTEKA, the future of property management software. Unlock efficiency and streamline operations with our RFID and wireless sensor integration. Our innovative solutions enhance productivity and foster collaboration among all stakeholders. Step into the future with TAGTEKA and experience the power of smart technology. Connect with our professional sales representatives to book a demo and witness the potential of our cutting-edge software. Discover a new era of property management with TAGTEKA.



Our software is customizable to fit and cater to your industry. Our 24/7 Support staff will guide you from start to finish to ensure you and your team can operate at the highest level.

Tagteka property management software empowers property managers to save both time and money. The utilization of flood, temperature, and pressure sensors, safeguards the equipment within their buildings. Additionally, our inventory management system aids property managers in effectively overseeing all assets and mechanical components. This proactive approach prevents premature failures and ensures timely servicing, resulting in substantial cost savings for the building and the conservation of water resources.

By implementing Tagteka, you can enhance resident satisfaction while efficiently managing multiple properties simultaneously.

Elevate the overall contentment of your hotel guests through meticulous management and the elimination of downtime. Implement flood, temperature, and pressure sensors to uphold optimal operational levels.

When working with costly equipment involving Hydronics systems, the installation of wireless pressure, temperature, velocity, and hydro meters becomes essential. These meters gauge the current voltage drawn from the equipment, guaranteeing a smooth manufacturing process devoid of interruptions. Utilizing our software and wireless sensor systems to establish a contingency plan ensures seamless manufacturing operations, allowing you to continue without any disruptions.

Educational facilities are able to utilize our property management software to verify the proper functioning of equipment and other building components. This ensures an environment where students can learn without distractions or downtime.

With the use of our inventory management systems, government facilities and processes can be improved by managing government vehicles, equipment and improving the operating efficiency standards for government workers.

For restaurants and franchises, we will use flood and temperature sensors to keep track of the temperatures in the freezers. Restaurants lose, on average, tens of thousands of dollars due to spoiled food caused by fluctuating temperatures or freezer failures. In order to chill the food, mechanical devices which use water and HVAC systems are utilized. These systems need to be maintained regularly, and flood sensors can help track when something isn’t functioning the way it should be.

Healthcare systems require guaranteed uptime around the clock to support patients in critical need. Hospitals are just like any other large building facility with complex HVAC or plumbing systems, and require constant maintenance of these systems to avoid costly shutdowns, both in money and patient care quality. By using Tagteka, it is possible to avoid these shutdowns by regularly maintaining and tracking the frequency of maintenance for these systems.

With our RFID Tagging system, we are able to install fixed readers in the vicinity of where your equipment is housed. If you are an equipment rental company our system will benefit you as we can create custom logo-branded tags that can be attached to any of your equipment. We can customize your software and admin panel to give you access to view all records and logs pertaining to your equipment. This will help you keep track of your service records, log-in and log-out sheets, and also invoice and before and after photos of the equipment. 

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Know every single detail pertaining to the mechanical assets in your building.

With the power RFID scanning technology and our custom tags you can view edit and export any all data pertaining to your asset : Make | Model | Size | Location | Service Dates | Warranty | View Photos | View PDF Files

Service Notifications

Never miss your Back Flow Prevention Testing, Servicing PRV’s and Mixing Valves Annual Maintenance.

Valve Exercising

Save your building thousands of dollars from preventing valve sezuires and reducing water damage from serious floods.

Stay organized and on top of things.

No more missing valve charts,blueprints,work orders and service records. All data is securely stored using 256-bit encryption for maximum protection.

Eliminate Unnecessary Paper Work

Service and Maintenance Records can easily be stored on our software for ease of use.

Fully cloud based

Access your building asset data from anywhere on any device. Works for any asset category Plumbing | HVAC | Fire | Eletrical | Common Elements.



Wireless sensors enable real-time collection of building data, providing valuable insights for efficient and informed facility management.

Temperature, pressure, and velocity flood sensors in a building form a robust network, ensuring early detection of potential hazards, optimizing energy efficiency, and safeguarding against flooding risks.

Instant Notifications

Send text and e-mail notifications instantly to the property manager, superintendents and your Plumbing and Hvac Vendors.

Save thousands of dollars

Take full control to avoid major emergency floods and mechaniccal breakdowns in your building. 

Water is the New Fire & Time is Money.

When there is a major flood occuring in a building you need to act fast. Utilize our insudustial grade flood sensors to get notifcations within seconds there is an issue.

Claims Down, Savings Up

Prevent increasing insurance expenses.

Share and export historical data

Effectively control expenses related to water resources. Work with all stake holders to improve building efficiency



Scan tagged assets up to 12 ft away and obtain all information in the palm of your hand.

Have a leaking valve way up in the ceiling? Don’t know the size or the model and the make of it? Simply scan the tag and request service and your service tech will have all the info requiered to provide you a quote.

Faster Service Times

Reduce unnecessary initial visits to obtain quote to fix or replace mechanical components. Send text and email notifications to your service vendor providing them all the info they need to assit you.

Increase your savings

Compare prices from previous service requests and use insightful data from various buildings under your portfolio to help you lower costs across all your properties.

Maintain digital records of equipment serial numbers, warranty details, and user manuals, eliminating the need for paper documentation and enabling easy and rapid access.

With everyhting on the cloud and accesible from various digital platforms sending notices to unit owners and viewing historical data has become alot easier. Helping you to manage multiple properties.

No more missing valve charts and mechanical blueprints

All your building data will be uploaded into the cloud which can be easily shared with the techs working on your building helping you protect your building assets and reducing the risk of serious damage.

File explorer made for property managers

Can’t find last years snaking and powerwashing scheudle? Need to find records of when your PRV’s & Mixing valves were last servivced and how much you paid? We do the hardwork and help you create a organized system to help you operate efficiently.

Step into the future with TAGTEKA.

Speak with our professional sales representatives.